Your Evil Twin and You

Digital twins are rapidly gaining popularity for the design and management of complex systems. The rise in availability of modeling tools coupled with continuous streams of real time data from live processes have turned the use of digital twins into a must for the system owner and operator. But what is the twin in the hands of a potential hacker? Read Dave Belt’s new blog…

Cryptographic Agility

Are you ready for the next big thing in cryptography? Actually, it’s a trick question. Ask 5 different people what the “next big thing” will be and you’ll get at least 5 different answers. Whatever lies ahead, the real question is, are you ready for change? Read more about Cryptographic agility, or cryptoagility…

Jenkins in the cloud

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration, also know as CI, is an important part of modern software development. In fact it is a real game changer when Continuous Integration is introduced into an organisation, since it radically alters the way teams think about the whole development process.